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Closing the Gap Between Compliance and Accelerated Performance

A review of the CSR reports of leading Canadian companies reveals that many organizations simply go through the motions of reporting regulatory compliance or recasting standard business practices through a politically-expedient lens. In both instances, these organizations are squandering the opportunity to increase their impact on society, enhance the long-term viability of their business, and to share a more compelling and differentiating story with the marketplace. In shifting their focus from compliance to creating shared value, these companies strengthen both their business performance and brand.


Content is the new SEO

Search Engine Optimization. The very term conjures up images of the dark arts–a kind of sorcery wielded by shadowy specialists who sell you the secrets of algorithm manipulation to make your brand appear in Google search results. And SEO worked, to the extent that it did make it easier for brands to connect with audiences. Too easily, in fact, because brands could use SEO trickery to rank higher in search results, so that Google would unwittingly link audiences to websites and content that weren’t necessarily great experiences. In this scenario, people lose faith in Google and switch to Bing. Google wisely decided to change the game.


Healthy Competition

The role of brands is expanding rapidly as a driver for healthcare decision makers and consumers. Those healthcare leaders who let their organizations lag when it comes to leveraging their brands can expect erosion of investment support and the tightening of margins. Conversely, those healthcare leaders who fully embrace the importance of their brands will see their organizations both develop more meaningful relationships with consumers and experience significant growth.


IQ InEdit 2 The Retail Issue

As a business we are renowned for opinion, original thinking and intellectual perspectives. But, we’d also like to share with people our rich culture, diversity and creative spirit. When people come to interview with us, they are always surprised at the amazing work we do. They find our people friendly and inspiring and more often than not say 'wow that's not what I see when I look at the website.' The IQ InEdit series is a way of balancing this, giving you a 'behind the scenes' snapshot of what's happening in our office, how we are connected globally, showcasing the work we still love from our archive and what we think you might find interesting right now.


IQ InEdit 1 The Impact Issue

People. Projects. Place. Pieces. InEdit is a quarterly journal about Interbrand London.


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