A user-friendly IT company

We helped Atos Origin attain global scale.





Atos Origin

The new player in the IT market had ambitions to grow through successful acquisitions, and required a strong brand to support this strategy.

Atos Origin understood that its culture was different from many other large IT companies because it wanted to act as an approachable partner, not as a distant supplier. A desire to be “convivial” in the eyes of customers and employees was – and remains – one of its company values.

We worked with Atos Origin to express this differentiating factor as a clear and distinctive brand that would stand out in the IT environment. This task encompassed the umbrella brand identity, as well as strong sub-brands such as Atos Consulting, which leveraged the company’s know how with more independent offerings.

The new and differentiated brand identity was portrayed across all channels of communications. It sent a positive and consistent message to the market as the new company was launched.