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Bodega Aurrera
Bodega Aurrera, the largest of Walmart’s brands in Mexico, is a budget–friendly supermarket targeting Mexican women who seek the best value when shopping for their families. The brand has positioned itself successfully as “the champion of low prices,” reflecting an empathetic, honest and accessible personality that is highly appealing to the brand’s main audience. With the help of its brand character, Mamá Lucha, Bodega Aurrera delivers on its brand promise and lives up to the expectations it has set around its offer in an innovative way. Bodega Aurrera centers its value proposition on the final benefit: bringing more products to the family thanks to low prices. Perceived as an ally to housewives, Bodega Aurrera has created a bond with its target audience and brought its corporate brand strategy to life by continuing to strengthen its everyday low prices, improve assortment and increase communication with key audiences.