$3,295 $m
Boots continues to perform well and much of its success can be attributed to excellent customer service, stemming from an internal culture that places customer care at the heart of the business. Relevance remains a key strength of the brand, demonstrated through trialing iPads and Wi-Fi in-store to improve the customer experience and partnering with Jamie Oliver for a lunchtime food range, Jamie Does continues to grow, with the number of active Boots Advantage Card members having increased to nearly 18 million, according to the 2012 annual report. Over the holidays, Boots released a Christmas advertisement centered around a new tagline “Let’s Feel Good,” which highlighted an emotive and inclusive Boots—a departure from its light-hearted “Here Come the Girls” ads. After entering a partnership with U.S.-based Walgreens, Boots’ continuing successes will be counted on a global scale.