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Hyundai Department Store
Since its opening in 1971, Hyundai Department Store has been achieving continuous growth and is currently operating 13 branches nationwide. Hyundai Department Store has been delivering upon its premium image by providing quality service and cultural experience. Its main branch is located in Apgujeong in Gangnam, which is a leading upscale Korean shopping destination with a comprehensive roster of luxury brands and supreme customer service. Offering customers an enticing selection of merchandise and exceptional customer service, Hyundai Department Store has been loved by customers for meeting their needs and aspirations for a better lifestyle. Recently, in an effort to appeal to a younger target audience, Hyundai Department Store has opened a separate store called U-Plex. To strengthen its fashion business, it acquired fashion brand Handsome in 2012 and opened an in-house multi-brand handbag shop to cater to younger shoppers anxious for fresh and unique merchandise.