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JB Hi-Fi
Having grown from a single store location into a national chain, JB Hi-Fi is based around a local record store look and feel that has been consistent since the beginning. Stores are instantly recognizable with a distinctive no frills yellow hand-drawn look and feel, manic store layout and low cost customer promise. As “Australia’s fastest growing home entertainment retailer,” JB Hi-Fi has profited from the demise and consolidation of the traditional music category. But its magic growth formula will be severely tested. The brand aggressively expands by replicating the low cost retail model online, creating the JB Hi-Fi Now subscription music service, diversifying into household appliances and transitioning many stores into a concession model with an upmarket feel. But this shouldn’t dilute the brand’s strong single-minded proposition. The challenge is to use the brand to replicate an equally compelling experience across channels and categories.