$314 $m
John Lewis
With its Christmas ads of recent years becoming a national topic of discussion, and its partners providing ever-reliable service, John Lewis fosters much affection in the hearts of U.K. consumers. The brand’s partnership business structure is a key differentiator and has a strong impact on customer service. This is evident as John Lewis received one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings last year in the retail non-food category, according to the ICS. John Lewis continues to innovate in its service offering, with the aim of being responsive to consumer needs. As part of this, the brand has engaged in IT recruitment, in-store apps and Amazon-like online recommendations. One success for the brand has been its multichannel offering, with johnlewis.com sales up 43 percent and accounting for 24 percent of total sales, according the to 2012 interim report. In December its online sales broke through the £800m (USD $1.2 billion) milestone for the year, supported by a strong performance from their click-and-collect services.