$551 $m
Kaufland supports its brand internally and drives employee satisfaction, resulting in 22,000 employees that have been working for Kaufland for over 10 years as of 2012. To further match customers’ needs, the company has increasingly expanded the product assortment that is already the widest among German retailers. Contrary to the overall industry trend, Kaufland expenditures in marketing didn’t decrease. Particular attention was dedicated to the digital world, where it manages two presences on Facebook, to strengthen customer relationships and foster employer branding. In addition, the retailer was named “Best Food Product Market” in 2012 by the German Service and Quality Institute. Although the brand is highly supported internally, Kaufland does not effectively communicate its brand proposition externally. Therefore, customers are not yet able to perceive Kaufland as truly differentiated. Translating the brand from internal strength to external strength will be key for Kaufland in 2013.