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Leroy Merlin
Leroy Merlin continues to be the DIY leader in France. Rooted in the values of “man at the heart of the business,” Leroy Merlin was named the 5th best place to work in France. The brand has a good media presence through television, social media and smartphone apps, in addition to its own website. Leroy Merlin has tested some innovations such as biometric payment in France and a drive in Brazil, where you can order online and collect by car. Leroy Merlin is working on its cross-channel management in order to provide inventory level and product availability to customers and offer the ability to place an order from the store. Viewed as more expensive than many of its competitors, Leroy Merlin has lost market share. Continuing to innovate around why shoppers should pay a little more should drive Leroy Merlin in 2013.