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Lojas Americanas
The last two years have brought great challenges to the retailer Lojas Americanas. Problems related to the delivery of products via its e–commerce channel during Christmas damaged the brand’s image. Specifically, thousands of purchased products were not delivered on time, which caused frustration during a period of high expectations. The situation can be ameliorated, but it will require responsiveness, transparency and commitment over time to improve sentiment and win back consumer trust. Additionally, the brand’s physical stores and operations are not differentiated from competitors, which could make it that much harder for Lojas Americanas to rebuild loyalty and drive choice. Another critical point is to ensure that the service quality and experience at Americanas Express (the more compact version of the physical stores) aligns with that of the regular stores and the online platform. Overall, Lojas Americanas gains in awareness, but differentiation and rebuilding trust and increasing consistency will be crucial for its future.