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Magazine Luiza
Aware of the increasing purchasing power of the Brazilian middle class, home furnishing retailer, Magazine Luiza, continues to move forward on its bold expansion plans. In the last two years, the brand opened 127 stores nationwide, making it one of Brazil’s largest retailers in both number of stores and revenue. Among the brand’s strengths are its diverse portfolio of products, consistent point of sale and investment in communication. Magazine Luiza also boasts an exemplary internal culture, personified by its leader, Luiza Trajano. It is recognized for its work environment and emphasizes service, a strong brand experience and closeness with customers. Magazine Luiza has also pioneered the creation of collaborative virtual stores, an ambitious initiative that allows consumers in any part of Brazil to create their own Magazine Online Shop. By encouraging interaction with the brand and giving consumers an opportunity to co–create, Magazine Luiza intends to boost its presence and performance in the digital environment.