$58 $m
Nutrisa, a natural food, nutritional supplement and frozen yogurt chain, is one of Mexico’s most successful franchise models. A pioneer in its category and market, the brand has gained credibility and value since its start in 1979. Further, its plans to expand and evolve, which include new store formats and an emphasis on consumer experience, demonstrate solid brand–oriented strategies. Having taken notice of the growth opportunity that Nutrisa’s brand offers, Grupo Herdez, Mexico’s biggest producer of processed foods, agreed to pay about 3 billion pesos (USD $238 million) for a 67 percent stake in the company and the opportunity to expand into a new category: frozen yogurt. With a portfolio of popular products and new distribution channels to introduce those products to new customers (should the Herdez deal go through), the Nutrisa brand is likely to thrive at a time when consumer–oriented businesses are expanding in Mexico.