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Despite its unconventional approach to marketing with no traditional advertising and the lack of an e-commerce site, Primark has nevertheless come to be a strong brand with a distinct position in the market. Primark clearly resonates with consumers seeking up-to-the-minute fashion at value prices, which is particularly relevant in the current economic climate. Its internal operations allow the brand to be responsive to trends, taking as little as 6 weeks to bring fashion from the catwalk to the shelf. Expansion in Europe is going well, with the opening day in Berlin breaking Primark’s record for single-day sales. Investment in new stores was evident during the year. One example was the Tottenham Court Road store, which represents a new store design with slicker visual merchandising, lighting and huge digital screens. Further expansions and renovations to city center stores in Manchester, Dublin and Newcastle suggest that Primark is seeking to improve the shopping experience.