$164 $m
Owned by Carlos Slim, the business tycoon ranked by Forbes as the richest man in the world since 2010, Sanborns is an unquestionable leader in the Mexican market. Although there have been no significant changes in its brand management in recent years, its authentic Mexican personality and unique combination of services—from pharmacy and convenience store to restaurant and bar—have helped build a trusted, likeable brand. Sanborns continues to benefit from its heritage, a reputation that has been growing since the brand was established in 1903. While still rooted in tradition, Sanborns has kept up with the times and now sells a variety of products online. Having closed out 2012 with significantly higher earnings than the previous year, and with ambitious plans to invest 3.21 billion pesos (USD $250 million) this year for expansion and store modernization across different formats, Sanborns has, so far, shown that it has what it takes to stay relevant.