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US $4,988.24

US $5,000
Marisa S. (Singapore)


Other Charities Nominated

CLIC Sargent - This amazing UK charity helps children and young people with cancer and their families with the trauma of diagnosis and the often long journey through treatment… and continues to support them afterwards. (Ross P.)

UNICEF - I believe children care and education is the key for our country and our world to be better. (Constanza G.)

Pro Bono e.V - This is a fantastic organization who helps kids in Africa (Theo R.)

Until There's a Cure - Promotion HIV/AIDs awareness and helping to to find an end to it! (Sarah K.)

Chabad - Campus - Promoting acts of goodness and kindness on campuses around the world. (Rachel S.)

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Announcing the gather for change winner


You joined us to see what kind of impact many small donations, and your big ideas, could have on the world. What could our spare change, and your spare change, add up to? In our offices and online, we collected donations, and invited you to guess the final total for a chance to pick the winning charity.

Now we are thrilled to announce our winner [video] — and the winning non-profit. In just one month, we came together to raise US $4,988.24. Marisa Sim, with a guess of US $5,000 came closest to the total. And with Interbrand’s matching contribution, we are able to give US $10,000 to this the charity of her choice: the World Food Programme, the United Nations frontline agency fighting hunger worldwide.

"The US $10,000 raised will help feed as many as 40,000 hungry school children for a day, children who without that meal wouldn’t likely come to school. What better gift than the gift of a brighter future for someone less fortunate. In the name of all of those kids whose life you will change forever: Thank you." –Bettina Luescher, WFP Chief Spokesperson, North America

To learn more about the World Food Programme visit

Thanks again for joining Interbrand to Gather for Change. Your participation has indeed proven that one small act can make one big impact.


  1. Hamburg
    Germany/Switzerland - $359.05
  2. Singapore
    Singapore - $165.19
  3. Seoul
    Seoul - $1,106.64
  4. Melbourne
    Melbourne - $41.93
  5. Toronto
    Toronto - $53.26
  6. Dayton
    Dayton - $263.32
  7. Mexico City
    Mexico City - $9.80
  8. Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - $344.34
  9. Moscow
    Moscow - $137.68
  10. Paris
    Paris - $94.13
  11. Cincinnati
    Cincinnati - $292.05
  12. Tokyo
    Tokyo - $57.78
  13. Shanghai
    Shanghai - $159.83
  14. Sydney
    Sydney - $118.64
  15. Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires - $488.00
  16. New York
    New York - $672.00
  17. Johannesburg
    Johannesburg - $157.96
  18. São Paulo - $37.43
  19. London
    London - $127.61
  20. Madrid - $63.81
  21. San Francisco
    San Francisco - $22.79
  22. PayPal Donations - $0
    PayPal - $215