Best-in-Class to World Class
Best China Brands 2011

We are pleased to present our fourth annual ranking of the Best China Brands 2011.

While not immune from the current ebbs and flows of the world economy, China continues to represent an engine of opportunity for regional and global growth. The scale of development is dramatic: China now possesses the largest internet population, mobile phone market, luxury market as well as the largest automotive market in the world, just to name a few.

Indeed, for many global brands, China is THE long-term growth market, attracting huge direct investments with the promise of very healthy returns to corporate earnings.

At the center of this sea of opportunity is the Chinese consumer, the majority of which are economically empowered with all the tools of the digital age. The “good life” in the major cities is now flowing towards second and third tier cities, whose consumers are eager to find outlets for their new-found wealth.

However, the story of China is about more than just the overflowing Chinese consumer’s wallet. It is also about increasingly sophisticated Chinese brands leveraging world-class business practices to create and expand into new markets at home and in some cases, overseas. These brands are developing new products, trailblazing new distribution channels, and defining new equations of value.

A study of this year’s Best Chinese Brands list confirms many of these powerful trends. The minimum brand value required to make our list this year increased by 18 percent to 1.36 billion RMB. And the ratio between the value of the top and bottom brands is narrowing, from 176:1 in 2010 to 154:1 in 2011, reflecting a more competitive domestic market less dominated by a handful of state-protected industries.

Best China Brands 2011