Top Taiwan Global Brands 2011

Interbrand has partnered with TAITRA—the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and BusinessNext magazine to determine Taiwan’s top twenty Global Brands for 2011.

This year, the value of the Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands has grown by 40 percent. Five of the top 10 brands are in consumer electronics, more specifically communications, software, and computer hardware—proving that brands that adapt and prosper.

Many of Taiwan’s top global brands have shown astonishing growth over the last few years, and 2011 is a year of outstanding achievement by many Taiwanese companies, reflecting greatly improved financial performance.

A key reason for this strong performance has of course been the success of Taiwanese companies in China, the fastest growing economy in the world. But for some, it is also the result of having a global strategy, and understanding the nuances required in individual markets, while retaining a single brand proposition.

Branding has been good for Taiwanese companies and for the Taiwanese economy. It has helped Taiwanese companies to compete at an entirely different level, enabling them to consolidate their hard-earned reputations in many different sectors and engage directly with consumers. Many Taiwanese brands have the two vital ingredients that all successful brands must have: quality and value; these factors drive reputation.

TAITRA—the Taiwan External Trade Development Council—has for several years been encouraging manufacturers of Taiwan brands to develop their own branded products, as a way of moving up the value chain and expanding sales in overseas markets. The more successful Taiwan-based companies have learned that running a branded goods business requires a different business model and competences than running an OEM business. Interbrand has been monitoring the value of the leading global brands from Taiwan for nine years now. This year’s Top Taiwan Global Brands is proof that these initiatives are working.

Top Taiwan Brands 2011