Best Taiwanese Brands 2012

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Top 20 Taiwan Brands 2012


Top Taiwan Brands 2012

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Stuart Green
CEO Asia Pacific


Stuart GreenInterbrand is delighted to once again partner with TAITRA and Business Next magazine to determine the Best Taiwanese Brands of 2012.

2011 was a challenging year, largely due to the ongoing economic issues in Europe and the US, both key export markets for many of Taiwan’s global brands. Additionally, the technology sector continued to see both aggressive competition and a rapidly evolving landscape. For some, these issues, in combination, have negatively a!ected brand values.

In other sectors, the growth and opportunities provided by global emerging markets, in particular China, have had a positive effect. Food and beverage brands, for instance, have seen double-digit growth in brand value this year.

Indeed, Taiwanese food and beverage brands have become an integral part of everyday life in China, effectively tapping into local consumer tastes and preferences. Such diversification across a broader base of sectors is positive news for Taiwan.

Taiwan’s top global brands have made significant progress in recent years on the critical journey from being pure OEM manufacturers to being branded organizations. However, in a rapidly changing world, there remains much to do. We continue to see brands undertaking a significant shift — changing business models, shortening value chains, and the creation of rich, integrated brand experiences encompassing both the o"ine and online worlds.

The overall objectives, however, remain unchanged: to drive consumer choice, command a premium, and build loyalty — the primary ingredients of brand valuation and building brand value.

Congratulations to each and every brand in this year’s report. Interbrand wishes you every success in your future brand-building efforts.

Stuart Green
Stuart Green
CEO Asia Pacific

Top 20 Brands

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