Spearheading a Stronger Brand:

A Strategic Approach to Brand Governance


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Brand Governance

Brands are critical business assets that, if managed well, drive customer choice, price premium, loyalty and advocacy.

Based on our ongoing global Brand Governance studies, conversations with brand leaders and practitioners and industry experience, we define optimal structures, capabilities, essential tools and processes required to manage organizations' brands. Ultimately, we create a strategic framework that skillfully governs brand and realizes true business value.

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Case Studies

  • Xerox Brand Training Refresh

    In an effort to help employees see beyond buzzwords and logos and instead view their brand as an experience, Interbrand developed the Xerox Brand Training Refresh, a program to be deployed in-person to employees and company affiliates at several Xerox offices worldwide.

  • Xerox Brand Governance

    For Xerox, making the effort to look within and consider operational improvement was an important first step toward a more successfully managed brand.

  • Microsoft Alias Help Desk

    By streamlining and simplifying the daily processes of Microsoft's brand management, a new system was created to save time and foster healthy brand stewardship.

  • HP Experience Training

    Effectively training employees and agency partners about HP's logo, color palette, tone of voice and overall corporate strategy was crucial to turn participants into well-versed evangelists for the evolved HP brand.