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Things that Were Abuzz at CES 2013

Posted by: Caren Williams on January 14, 2013
HAPIforkAs a first time attendee at CES, I was expecting to wait in lines to see the latest TVs, tablets and smartphones. Sure there was a big crowd jockeying for 3D glasses to experience the LG OLED TVs, and of course there were the regular masses listening to the DJs spinning, showcasing the latest audio technology for speakers and headphones alike.

The longest line I saw was at the Trojan booth. Yes, they were there, giving away free vibrators. There was a nearly equally large crowd gathered around the booth for the HAPIfork, the fork that buzzes when you eat too fast. And the HAPIfork certainly wasn’t the only thing buzzing at CES. The crowd at the GoPro booth, showcasing the versatile, adventure camera that can attach to equipment such as skis, helmets and surfboards, was exploding into the aisles and even into neighboring booths. Along with the crowds, I found myself trying to capture a photo, touch the products and even ask a few questions to someone working the booth. I asked myself what did these products have in common? Why were they generating what seemed to be more buzz than the usual TV and tablet suspects?

They inspire. They’re rewarding. They make life adventurous. Sure, life can be exploratory and entertaining through TV screens, audio equipment and mobiletechnology. But it seemed that the brands that were able to capture the buzz of the crowds were those that really inspired people, whether it was to lose weight, to be healthier or simply to enjoy life more.

As consumers, we now have access to so much incredible technology. It’s almost as if the most advanced products don’t even shock and surprise us any more. But we still crave things that inspire us and make us feel good about ourselves, now and in the future. Those were the brands that really appeared to capture our attention. They showed us how and let us experience it. The ones that did it right, left us with a little kick in our step and enough energy to make it through the seemingly endless aisles of gadgets.

Caren Williams is Associate Director, Brand Strategy for Interbrand San Francisco.

Photo from Huff Post Tech.

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