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Opening Up

Tom Zara

Global Practice Leader, Corporate Citizenship, Interbrand


Daniel Diez in conversation with Tom Zara on the inspiration for IQ’s corporate citizenship issue


What might corporate citizenship look like if we were unabashedly strategic in our thinking and unafraid to listen, weigh the evidence, and act with the full power of our resources? What could we accomplish for our organizations and for the world?


  • Playing to Give

    James Bickford talks to Wayne Pickup, Chief Executive Officer of Lotto New Zealand about the benefits of giving back to local communities, so that everyone ultimately wins with the lottery.

  • Nissan

    Investing in the Future

    Jez Frampton sits down with Roel de Vries, Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Communications and Brand Strategy for Nissan Motor Company, to chat about the importance of thinking ahead and investing in the future.

  • FEED the World

    FEED the World

    Dominik Prinz learns more from Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder and CEO of FEED Projects about her inspiration for starting FEED, and how corporate partnerships are multiplying the impact of their goal to end hunger.

  • better together

    Partnering to Save Lives

    Andrea Sullivan in conversation with Deborah Dugan, CEO of (RED) on their partnership strategy and keeping up with the engagement expectations of an evolving millennial audience.

  • partnering to save lives

    Better Together

    Emily Grant sits down with Heifer International, Danone and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters on how partnerships between organizations directly benefit their business goals and supply chains.
  • Engaging the Hand Raisers

    Andrea Sullivan interviews Nissan LEAF’s Brendan Jones about building a relationship around the adoption of electric vehicles.

  • Global and Local Responsibility

    Mick McConnell in conversation with Rodney Hines about the role Starbucks wants to play in local communities.

  • Paying it Forward thumbnail

    Paying it Forward

    Jonathan Redman in conversation with Luella Chavez D’Angelo about Western Union’s courageous stance on immigration reform.

  • Source of Hope thumbnail

    Source of Hope

    David Barber, co-owner of the farm-to-table Blue Hill restaurants, talks to Andrea Sullivan about how sustainability starts with the food we eat.

  • Culture Cure thumbnail

    The Culture Cure

    Daniel Diez interviews Professor Andrew Hoffman about the role of culture and ideology in environmental and social issues.

  • Good to be Good thumbnail

    Good to be Good

    Good Inc. founder, Ben Goldhirsh, explains the value of doing business so it works for everyone in an interview with Tom Zara.

  • Double X Factor thumbnail

    The Double X Factor

    Andrea Sullivan in a conversation with Oxford professor Linda Scott about the “Double-X Economy” and how it has elevated the lives of women and girls in developing countries.

  • Town of Tomorrow thumbnail

    The Town of Tomorrow

    Dominik Prinz talks with Deutsche Telekom’s Stephan Althoff, about the unique partnership between Deutsche Telekom and their inaugural T-City - Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Points of View

  • Occupy Wall Street 2 thumbnail

    Occupy Wall Street

    Interbrand sent a video crew down to Zuccotti Park in New York City to listen for the messages at the heart of the shouting.
  • Paved With Good Intentions thumbnail

    Paved with Good Intentions

    Tom Zara on why well-intentioned corporate citizenship can take corporations down the wrong road.
  • The World is Watching thumbnail

    The World is Watching

    For global companies, an event like the World Cup or the Olympics is a unique opportunity to show the world what type of good citizens they are.

Brands to Watch

  • Pivotal thumbnail


    What moment, invention, or idea changed your world?
  • Brand Spotting thumbnail


    What's the brand coming on the horizon to change our lives?