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Interbrand Inspired

The Interbrand Inspired Foundation is Interbrand’s very own commitment to Corporate Citizenship. It is a not-for-profit foundation through which the spirit of the Interbrand network will be leveraged to promote the power of education around the world. The Interbrand Inspired Foundation enables our offices to provide branding services to worthy organizations related to education. It will also enable our employees to participate in giving time and talent to educational organizations.

In July 2014, Interbrand is excited to provide pro-bono brand and consulting services to inspiring non-profits and social good startups. If you're interested in applying for a creative workshop with our strategists, verbal consultants and designers, please fill out our online application form here.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

—Albert Pike
(American Lawyer, Journalist and Soldier, 1809-1891)

Interbrand employees comment on moments of inspiration and lessons learned

Listen as these business leaders describe lessons they have learned

More inspiring moments and lessons learned from Interbrand’s global network . . .

  • The Corporate Citizenship taskforce has helped foster my love for Interbrand. I’m more engaged and feel like I have a personal stake in the future of the company. – Vandana, Interbrand New York

  • I am so happy that I was given the opportunity in school to learn French, Italian and English. It helps me living in Switzerland and in my work life a lot. – Michael, Interbrand Zürich

  • I find Starbucks to be an inspiration - from supporting the foundation to my master’s thesis in architecture, to their nation-wide campaigns that help Americans get the jobs that they need. – Meredith, InterbrandHealth New York

  • My favorite, or most inspiring, moment took place in one of my German literature classes when my professor cried out in despair, "Ja, wundern Sie sich doch!" ("Wonder about things!") For me, not only her words, but her way of teaching encouraged me to value my own curiosity. – Susan, Interbrand Hamburg

  • When I was 30, I started taking trumpet lessons. At first, I wasn't very good, but I practiced every day for two years. Finally, I could play a simple tune. Every day, look backward. You'll see that you are further along the road than you used to be. – Brian, Interbrand Tokyo

  • A professor once to me, "It's good that you are not satisfied, because it drives you to achieve excellence." I still remember this lesson from more than 25 years ago. - Tilman, Interbrand Zürich

  • My family and I moved to Australia when I was six years old. I didn't speak English fluently until I was eight years old. And as soon as I could, my parents promptly put me into Spanish School on Saturdays, and banished English from our home. I complained bitterly. Now, as an adult, I switch in and out of both languages with ease. I use them when I travel and work. I can't help but to be incredibly grateful - to my parents, and the teachers. - Paola, Interbrand New York

  • I am inspired by “L’invitation au voyage,” a poem by Charles Baudelaire . . . and “Invitation to the Voyage,” a poem by William Aggeler. - Caroline, Interbrand London

  • When I was in eighth grade, there was a poster hanging in my media class. The background of the poster was solid black and there were two ballet dancers striking a beautiful pose. The poster read, “Dare to be different.” That poster's message inspires me to this day. – Karen, Interbrand New York.

  • Interbrand has allowed me to take something I am passionate about and make it part of my everyday work. – Shawnti, Interbrand New York

  • I was inspired by the students I met when I worked at Blackfriars Settlement in London. – Alexander, Interbrand Tokyo

  • I did a home stay in Costa Rica with an impoverished family and I learned to really appreciate the things in my life. I really believe that life’s most valuable lessons are learned outside of the classroom. – Elyse, InterbrandHealth New York

  • Don’t fear failure. See it as a learning opportunity.- Noel, Interbrand London

  • At my previous company, we had an office overseas where most of the people did not have a college degree. I was very inspired by how many of my overseas colleagues were working a full time job and going to college full time. It made me thankful for my opportunities. – Allie, InterbrandHealth New York

  • I’m inspired by science from an educational perspective. Specifically, there is actual scientific proof that love can last a lifetime. Science proved the skeptics wrong! - Patti, InterbrandHealth New York

  • For me, great inspiration comes when you keep your eyes and your heart open. – Hajin, Interbrand Seoul

  • I was a terrible student until I met my mentor in my junior year of college. His passion for knowledge and his talent to share continues to be a source of inspiration many years later. - Tom, Interbrand New York

  • Whenever I hear these two little words, I am inspired and I know it is exactly the right place where I need to start to digging and look for something to change the world. The two little words are “Don’t Touch.” When you hear them, you can be sure there is something to uncover and figure out. - Andreas, Interbrand Zurich

  • One of the most inspiring moments for me happened when I started travelling to Europe as a teenager and saw how beautiful the world can be. – Andrea, BrandWizard New York

  • My first design professor in college inspired me. This professor was not only an amazing designer, but he was also a Holocaust survivor – he taught me the meaning of life through design: Ko, Interbrand Tokyo

  • Working on a pro-bono project for Pencils of Promise has made me the ultimate advocate for Interbrand. – Spencer, Interbrand New York

  • I was inspired when I was training for the chartered accounting exams. I watched the staff ahead of me that had failed the exam the first time around overcome the humiliation and embarrassment and work so hard to rock the exam the next year. - Denise, Interbrand London

  • The first moment my eldest daughter started to care for her younger sister. –Ji Hun, Interbrand Seoul

  • I was inspired when a guidance counsellor opened my eyes to the fact that a degree in Economics didn't mean I had to work for a bank. She talked me through a story about a business student going to work in the accounting department of Cirque du Soleil which inspired me to work in design/branding. -Katie, Interbrand London

  • At university, I was the only foreigner in a room full of super talented Swiss designers. It was challenging for me to keep up with those guys, but I so enjoyed working with them and learning from them. Healthy competition brings out the best in every person. You have to push yourself and you have to push the boundaries in order to accomplish great things. - Enrique, Interbrand Mexico City

  • I had a great professor teaching a Child Psychology course. He walked us through the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. This lesson inspired me because it taught me to see potential in every person. We all have some mental beauty, some type of intelligence waiting to be explored. – Karen, InterbrandHealth New York

  • My greatest lesson in my school life was learning how to learn. If you master this skill, you can use it throughout life and continue to grow. – Atsushi, Interbrand Tokyo

  • I learned my biggest lesson from a 10-year-old boy in Brazil who stood in front of this huge crowd and explained how he used to be a “bad person,” but was working hard to become a better person in the future. His level of self-reflection, courage and appreciation of education has inspired me ever since. - Dominik, Interbrand New York

  • When I was in high school, a teacher scolded one of my peers. Days later, the teacher realized she had been mistaken and apologized. That was an inspiring moment for me because it taught me about authority and how true authority comes from continually seeking objectivity and wisdom. - Pablo, Interbrand Mexico City

  • One of my most inspiring educational moments was as a teacher working with middle school children in one of the most impoverished areas of Boston. The most inspiring times were the conversations in the halls and after school -- discussing the real struggles, responsibilities and distractions that impacted their education and childhood. - Fell, Interbrand New York

  • I am inspired by my step-cousin, Liam, who is studying for an MSc in International Relations and is already considering getting a PhD too. - Attie, Interbrand London

  • As a kid, I was great at socializing, but not great in school. I was a visual learner (I know this now), but my school never taught that way, so I never felt smart or motivated. My art teacher, Mr. Hayes, was engaged in my work and pushed me further than I could push myself. For the first time, I felt smart and wanted to learn more. - Jennifer, Interbrand New York

  • In school, we learn our lessons and then we are given a test. In life, it’s the other way around. You’re given a test and, from that test, you learn your lessons. - Nikki, Interbrand Singapore

  • When I was ten, one of my English teachers taught me that I shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. This made me become more daring and adventurous in life. You can only seize a great opportunity with boldness. - MJ, Interbrand Seoul

  • More inspiring moments and lessons learned from Interbrand’s global network . . .

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