6,182 $m
At 175 years old, Hermès continues to remind the world of its rich heritage and iconic achievements, while establishing its relevance for future generations. From the “Leather Forever” anniversary exhibition, which brought the origins of the brand to life, to the Hearts and Crafts microsite, which showcased the craftsmen and designers behind the famous name, Hermès demonstrates that a tradition of meticulous craftsmanship is key to the brand’s value and longevity. Over the past year, Hermès saw an 18% rise in revenues and double-digit growth across its product categories, with a stellar performance in accessories and its first women’s ready-to-wear collection. Hermès opened 13 new stores globally and became the first international luxury brand to establish a retail presence in India. In such a seminal year for Hermès, the “contemporary artisan” has proven to be an apt description for a brand whose culture of excellence continues to create value.