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John Deere
John Deere, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and forestry equipment, celebrates its 175th anniversary this year with a sharp increase in brand value. The Moline, Illinois-based organization attributes its longevity to the fact that its core values (integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation) are central to the brand’s corporate citizenship strategy and still vital among the 60,000 employees worldwide. The company remains “committed to those linked to the land” by sponsoring agricultural-development training programs in countries like Russia and Ukraine. This commitment and authenticity clearly resonate with the brand’s core audience and beyond — as the ubiquitous John Deere cap can attest. Without losing sight of its authentic core, John Deere continues to tap into the growth potential of the construction equipment market. With most of John Deere’s construction sales in North America, increased demand in countries like Russia, India, China, and Brazil is expected. Economic uncertainty, adverse weather in countries such as the US and India, and a recent production delay of a new combine line have contributed to John Deere lowering its full-year net income forecast. All signs indicate, however, that the organization is well-positioned to overcome such challenges and make its 176th year its best yet.