3,896 $m
MasterCard makes its debut in our Best Global Brands report after an impressive year. The company’s leadership in mobile payment via MasterCard PayPass, the launch of its “Priceless Cities” customer benefits program, and a growing suite of solutions for business owners are steadily increasing consumer satisfaction. MasterCard gained market share from Visa over the past year in spending volume, new bank tie-ups (notably SunTrust and Sovereign in the US) and new card users. The brand’s “Priceless” tagline and accompanying slogan have resonated and succeeded in building emotional connections between MasterCard and consumers over time. Now reaping more of the benefits of those connections, MasterCard needs to continue delivering meaningful results. Despite a positive year overall, a third party data breach exposed the account information of millions of customers. As one of the world’s largest payment processors, MasterCard must work diligently to ensure its customers’ information is protected and that their experiences with the brand remain positive.