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Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon has helped its consumers celebrate success and glamour since 1743. In the past year, the brand played an active role in the opening of LVMH’s White 1921, a boutique hotel and bar located in the heart of Saint-Tropez. With an 82-seat bar, White 1921 guests are able to leisurely sip Moët Imperial Vintage from 1921. Moët & Chandon also launched its 2012 Moët Rose Lounge Series, a celebrity-hosted, supper club-style tour featuring Moët Nectar Imperial Rose. In the year head, Moët & Chandon will serve as the official champagne of the 34th America’s Cup. With its US division having recently hired a new digital advertising agency and having increased its media spend, Moët & Chandon appears ready to grab consumers’ attention — not only on the beaches of Saint- Tropez and through celebrity-hosted tours, but on the digital forefront as well. If it can successfully strike a balance between maintaining its enviable heritage while simultaneously becoming digitally aggressive, Moët & Chandon might very well be able to restore some of its brand value in the year ahead — an accomplishment that will definitely be worth toasting.