4,050 $m
Smirnoff’s parent company, Diageo, describes the brand as being “the world’s best selling premium distilled spirit” — and for good reason. Accelerated growth in developed markets and double-digit growth in Africa and Latin America have made Smirnoff a star in the Diageo portfolio. As a result, Smirnoff’s marketing spend was recently increased by 10%. And Smirnoff is likely to put the extra funding to good use. Falling in line with its Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow flavored vodka launches and its “Nightlife Exchange Project,” Smirnoff announced plans to collaborate with photographer David LaChapelle to launch “Smirnoff Midnight Circus,” a global tour that will celebrate nightlife experiences in cities around the world. Smirnoff’s website also has strong global appeal. It not only boasts a section featuring Smirnoff-infused “cocktails from around the globe,” but it also provides consumers with a “nightlife guide” that contains information on the world’s “best bars, clubs, eateries, [and] special places.” Despite having originated in Russia in the 1800s, Smirnoff remains highly relevant to its consumers in the 21st century. It presents them with the information they need to plan — or just dream about — a thrilling night out in any number of the world’s most exciting cities. Clearly, Smirnoff is dedicated to building relevant, self-expressive and exciting experiences for its consumers worldwide.