Sue Shim

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung

"Convergence will continue to be a key theme for Samsung in the future. We hope to continue providing value to consumers through new products, services and user experiences."

Based on your experience, what contributes to building a successful brand?

A successful brand begins with a clear understanding of the who, what, and why of the company. We at Samsung call it our brand ideal. This enables everyone to internalize what the brand stands for and live the brand. This also helps drive consistency in all aspects of the business—both internally and externally, from strategy and product development, to communications. It is so important for a company like ours, with such a broad global presence and wide product offering, to have a clear brand ideal that brings all different moving parts together.

Additionally, organizational support is very crucial when building a brand. Brand building activities should be closely aligned with business objectives since the brand is the most valuable asset a company has. For every employee, brand should play a key role when they make decisions, whether those are big or small.

Based on these key success factors, I would say that the Samsung brand is on its way to becoming an aspirational brand. The outstanding growth of brand value in 2012 truly demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to its brand.

What initiatives have you undertaken this year to communicate your commitment to corporate citizenship and how have these influenced your brand?

Since the company was founded in 1969, we have worked with passion and purpose to actively serve as a generous and ethical corporate citizen everywhere we operate.

The core platform is Samsung Hope for Children, a global program we launched to raise awareness about the need for children’s education and healthcare. By supplying our advanced electronic products, lending our expertise, and providing financial support, we are able to give thousands of children access to education, mentorship, leadership skills and life-saving medical treatments in communities around the world.

Through Samsung Hope for Children, more than 50 subsidiaries and 180,000 employees worldwide are making a positive change. In particular, our South African and US subsidiaries are putting a significant amount of effort into two programs that exemplify our global mission to improve the quality of life and education for children: Engineering Academy and Solve for Tomorrow. These programs create better education opportunities for the next generation and help children build the skills they need for a brighter future. These are prime examples of how we’re using our innovation to create a better world.

How is Samsung demonstrating the idea of convergence to consumers? What more can be done?

The scale and breadth of Samsung’s convergence offering is unique and so are the company’s future convergence opportunities. With an incredibly diverse product portfolio, Samsung is the only company capable of delivering connected experiences across TVs, smart phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and even refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

Convergence will continue to be a key theme for Samsung in the future. We hope to continue providing value to consumers through new products, services and user experiences. It will help consumers make decisions a lot easier when they consider new devices throughout categories, especially in the retail environment.

In a retail store setting, it can be challenging to demonstrate a product’s value and how it can improve someone’s life. Building Samsung’s in-store capabilities and digital communications will be critical as Samsung seeks to demonstrate these new experiences in engaging and attractive ways. We want to connect with consumers and invite them to explore our products.

  • About Sue Shim

    Sue Shim is Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest consumer electronics company. Ms. Shim joined Samsung Electronics in 2006 as a vice president of Global Marketing Operations. In this capacity, she led corporate brand strategy and marketing communications for both business and consumer segments, elevating the Samsung brand to a premium global level. Before joining Samsung, Ms. Shim worked for Proctor & Gamble for 17 years, during which she was the Global Marketing Director of the Beauty Care Business Unit in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Ms. Shim graduated from Ewha Women’s University in Korea and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.