Ron Rogowski

VP of Brand and Sponsorship, UPS

UPS: Internal Brand Engagement Driving Success

“The UPS culture is really driven by our policy book which is read at many meetings. We know culture isn’t just passed on by osmosis. It’s an effort. And that culture is really strong about our work ethic, our commitment to excellence in our customer, really driven from an engineering point of view, which is all about efficiency.”

UPS: Creating Continuity and a Global Brand Experience

“As we started to make headway into that global expansion, we really started to see a need for internal coordination of the communication. A lot of the effort has been put around how we create consistency globally. So, you build off of a strong culture focused on doing things efficiently and delivering on the customer. But at the end of the day, we had to make sure that that was an experience around the world.”

  • About Ron Rogowski

    As vice president of global branding and sponsorships, Ron Rogowski is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of UPS’s global brand and sponsorship strategy. His responsibilities also include managing key events that touch UPS internal and external customers.

    A native of Detroit, Rogowski joined UPS in 1985 and has held various positions in sales and marketing.

    Before joining the sponsorships and branding group in 2007, Rogowski worked on UPS’s go-to- market strategy for aligning the multiple sales organizations resulting from acquisitions the company made since going public in 1999.

    Prior to accepting the sales alignment assignment, he managed sales and marketing groups in New Jersey and Florida. Rogowski has also held various positions in corporate marketing including revenue management for Strategic Accounts and managing UPS’s small business strategy. His first management position with UPS was in a sales capacity.

    Rogowski earned his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University and a master of business administration from the University of Detroit.