Survival of the Smartest

By Stuart Green

From climate politics to rising fuel costs, times are tough for the airline industry. However, by rethinking strategy and putting more focus on customers, the smartest airlines are finding innovative ways to stay relevant and profitable.


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You Are What You Wear

By Bertrand Chovet

Fashion is moving fast and consumers move even faster when making purchase decisions. How can apparel brands keep up? By remembering that fashion is personal. Learn why developing customer experience is the key to connecting with consumers—and beating the competition.


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Racing Towards Growth

By Michel Gabriel

To win the race for growth in both new and saturated markets, auto brands are rethinking design, adopting a global perspective, driving innovation and prioritizing sustainability. But to really get ahead, automakers will also have to find tech-savvy new ways to pique consumer interest.

Business Services

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Bigging Up Big Data

By Josh Feldmeth

Big data is moving with tidal force through markets: reshaping strategies, kicking off new challenges, and promising untold riches to those who harness its predictive power. Business services brands are rushing in to reap big rewards.


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What Traditional Companies Can Learn from Technology Companies

By Robin D. Rusch

Tech companies know they’ve got to stay on the cutting edge, or get left behind. But now, as markets and expectations continue to change, traditional businesses must become equally nimble, fueled by radical innovation and bold visions of the future.


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The Time of Tough Choices is Upon Us

By Tom Zara

As oil and gas prices rise and debates over nuclear power, "fracking" and Arctic drilling drag on, a sense of discomfort with current energy choices is growing. Yet, by taking the right steps, energy companies can restore consumer trust and leap ahead of less progressive rivals during this pivotal time.

Fast-Developing Markets

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Slowdown in the Fast Lane

By Alejandro Pinedo

Despite reduced growth in developing countries, fertile opportunities exist for brands that respect local preferences and work to build meaningful connections with consumers.

Consumer Packaged Goods

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The New Consumer and the Science of Shopping

By Fred Richards and Bruce Dybvad

Today's consumer is more informed, empowered and discriminating than ever before. Further, an increasing number of consumers who shop online may never even set foot in the aisles where consumer goods companies compete best. How to keep these tech-savvy generations engaged? Bring brands to life digitally.

Financial Services

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Rebuilding Trust in Troubling Times

By Carola Jain and Mike Rocha

As banks continue to lurch from crisis to crisis, the adversity shows no sign of letting up any time soon. Still, the demand for financial services remains strong. While the focus for most banks will be on restructuring, grappling with regulation and the hunt for new revenue sources, financial institutions should also, above all else, work to rebuild consumer trust.

Food and Beverage

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Branding's High-wire Acts

By Bill Chidley

Food and beverage brands are perhaps the world’s most aggressive marketers—and the most under siege as symbols and perceived causes of health-related issues. Yet, like high-wire acts, they amaze us with their spectacular abilities to rebound, and even advance, in the face of adversity.


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Post-giltz Hospitality

By Manfred Abraham

While ostentation once defined luxury hospitality, today’s consumers are interested in more than special features and a glamorous façade. In the “post-glitz” era, relevance, tailoring and authenticity are the keys to attracting customers who will pay a premium for a unique, personalized experience.


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Continued Erosion of the Blockbuster Model

By John Breen

The loss of exclusivity for blockbuster pharmaceutical drugs and the evolving role of brand for hospitals have important implications for the healthcare industry’s brand model. Enormous opportunities lie ahead: Healthcare companies are entering an ideal playing field to leverage their corporate brands and strengthen their bottom lines.


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Orientation in a Fragmented World

By Cassidy Morgan

In a world saturated with information, media brands can act as a critical navigation device. Using their power and influence to cut through the noise, brands can help direct consumers to what is timely and relevant.


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Leading by Aligning

By Bruce Dybvad

Retailing is a demand industry, central to world economies. As such, global retail leaders are continuously challenged to align with demand—and that means engaging customers through any means possible.

Sporting Goods

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Opportunities For The Swift-Footed

By Jonathan Bernstein

With the exception of a few star players, true brand loyalty is elusive and a real challenge to maintain amid the proliferation of choice in the sports industry. For sports brands, the message is stark and clear: adapt and change, or risk losing relevance.


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To Thrive in Turbulent Times: Become a Tech Brand People Like

By Nirm Shanbag

The tech industry’s titans supplied dramatic tales of dizzying success and dismal failure in 2012. In the tech sector, where change is rapid and often radical, the most important thing a company can do to ensure its popularity against the odds, is to become more likeable.


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Brand Stretch In A Changing World

By Kevin Perlmutter

For telecom companies, expansion into new areas is so explosive that leading brands are growing by the year—more than some companies do in a lifetime. Yet only those who stretch in the right ways will become the preferred carriers of the future.