5,413 $m
3M continues to be a pioneer across a wide range of industries and a leader in diversified manufacturing and services. Its leadership team has worked hard in the past year to shore up the core values of trust, leadership, quality, and innovation together with an ongoing commitment to Corporate Citizenship, for which it earned United Way’s highest US honor. Delivering a clear understanding of the 3M corporate brand has been a challenge, although its brand strength and brand value both grew in the past year via improved performance in commitment, protection, presence, and consistency. In addition to savvy social media marketing, 3M has better aligned its brand with its sustainability efforts and evolved its visual identity to drive consistency and cohesion with the recent appointment of a new Chief Design Officer. There is also a continued pursuit of marketing excellence, bringing together functions from across the business. Making strides with customers, it’s delivering locally compelling experiences around the world, while employee engagement remains high with time off for staff to pursue eureka moments (a practice that, famously, led to its Post-it brand) and mentoring. Moving forward, 3M needs to continue to clarify its brand while evolving the customer experience. This will help drive credibility for the brand long-term and create a pull-through effect, especially in fast-developing markets, which constituted 34 percent of its sales in 2012 and should continue to grow.