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Business Services
Despite a contraction in revenue, IBM still delivered record earnings per share, margins, and cash flow through 2012 and into early 2013. The brand continues to set records in innovation, generating 6,478 patents in 2012, the most US patents for the 20th year in a row. Aggressively growing its presence in emerging markets, IBM opened 144 offices in those regions in 2012. It further evolved the Smarter Planet platform, including targeted offerings such as Smarter Transportation and Smarter Finance, all leading to Smarter Cities. Looking to get ahead of the IT industry’s paradigm shift, it’s also packaging its computing capabilities and offerings to build a Smarter Computing platform that will be designed for Big Data, all while being open and collaborative to further foster innovation. This new approach is already paying dividends in the form of IBM’s Watson supercomputer. IBM, with New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering hospital, announced that Watson had completed its “education” on historical cancer cases and would now be used as a decision support tool for determining the optimal cancer treatment in patients. Additionally, Watson demonstrates the flexibility of Smarter Computing, using its Big Data analytics capabilities to provide real-time customer relationship management insights for IBM’s clients. While IBM’s revenue performance continues to be a point of concern, the brand is hard at work solidifying its brand position as a purveyor of business innovation in the 21st century.