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Once defined as “The Heartbeat of America,” Chevrolet accounts for more than half of all vehicles GM sells worldwide. The brand can be found in more than 140 countries around the world, with 60 percent of Chevrolet-branded vehicles now sold outside of the US. Following a couple of years of intense competition in the US, it’s aggressively rolling out new products and seeing an uptick in transaction prices at dealerships to help build momentum. While the US trend is moving in the right direction, the brand is also focused on boosting sales in China, India, and Thailand. As it continues to expand its global operations, it’s aligning its engineering, design, and retail operations behind a single vision and communications platform: “Find New Roads.” Embracing Chevrolet’s spirit of ingenuity, the concept will help the brand connect with consumers on a more emotional basis. Adding two years of free maintenance to new car purchases and its top 10 showing in the 2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study should also help drive consumers to showrooms. Chevrolet must continue to meaningfully appeal to customers, including new generations of drivers around the world, and charge up sales of its Volt. If it can create sustainable growth, penetrate fast-developing markets, and see die-hard customers (like Silverado owners) come back for more, Chevrolet will have enough steam to build the next chapter of its storied history.