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Financial Services
Citi continues to make strides in regaining consumer and investor trust after the financial crisis, which the brand states is its number one priority in the year ahead. To grow and respond to shifting customer needs, Citi is focusing on three dominant trends: globalization, urbanization, and digitization. Broadening the conversation about urban relevance, the brand has established its “Citi for Cities” initiative to position itself as the conduit between government, citizens, and business at the market and city level. A prime example is its “e-payment gateway” in Mumbai to improve the tax collection and receipt process. The brand is also rethinking how digital solutions can improve business, consumer, and employee experiences through more than just cosmetic mobile and web enhancements. Evaluating how its entire system can deliver a smart banking experience, the brand is creating seamless integration across front- and back-office platforms. Citi also continues to pursue high-profile brand-building activities, such as committing to sponsor the 2014 and 2016 Olympic games, while exploring unique and relevant local partnerships. Citibike, a wildly popular bike-sharing program in New York City, is creating positive and relevant press for the brand. As population and share of GDP produced in cities steadily increase, Citi can leverage its extensive global network, long-standing presence in emerging markets, and strategic initiatives to grow its prominence in more than 150 cities to authentically deliver on evolving future financial needs.