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As Big Data has become the main frontier for innovation and growth in the marketplace, GE has stepped up to lead the charge. This year CEO Jeff Immelt announced a commitment to the industrial internet: a bold vision of using GE intelligence and technology to converge machines with intelligent data. The brand has invested USD $1.5 billion toward connecting its machines to its enterprise software and the internet. Building capabilities in predictive software products, Big Data and analytics, and advanced manufacturing, the GE brand is stretching into new territories. Its 2013 “Brilliant Machines” campaign demonstrates this move to merge “big iron” with Big Data. Seemingly a winning strategy for the organization, the brand has been experiencing slow but steady growth this year. In 2012, GE’s industrial segment earnings grew 10 percent to USD $15.5 billion. Additionally, GE continues to leverage its highly regarded sustainability-focused ecomagination campaign to drive the conversation around Corporate Citizenship, making it the number 25 brand on our Best Global Green Brands 2013 report. Overall, the organization’s revenue has increased to USD $241.66 billion from USD $196.24 billion in 2011, a sign that the GE business and the brand are evolving.