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Financial Services
Overcoming any past disconnect between its unified communications messaging and the inconsistencies of its internal culture, multinational banking leader HSBC is shoring up its “world’s local bank” platform, emphasizing its strong global roots and unrivaled network and expertise, specifically in emerging markets. Since coming out of the financial crisis comparatively unscathed, HSBC has focused on higher wealth-creating markets and a strategy of consolidation. The approach has proven successful as the brand posted robust profits throughout 2013. However, 2013 has not been a year without drama. HSBC experienced rounds of layoffs, as well as a much-publicized money laundering scandal in Mexico. While communicating its values of respect and responsiveness, it increasingly celebrates the progressive changes sweeping the globe. Positioned as a straight-shooting, guiding pioneer, HSBC helps investors and small business owners alike explore and navigate opportunities. Through its focus on the future convergence of local and global needs, and its role as the connector across them, the brand comes across as human and inspirational. This year’s “In the future” global campaign highlights HSBC’s optimism about young entrepreneurs and its multinational business support across six continents. “In the future, age will be no barrier to ambition,” it states, showing children as small business heroes. “There’s a new world emerging. Be part of it.” With its clear brand messaging, communicating its progressive edge and traditional values, HSBC is positioning itself for the future.