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Kellogg’s remains committed to what it does best—focusing on strengthening its product offering in cereal, warm breakfasts, snacks, and protein beverages. In the latter half of 2012, Kellogg’s invested significantly in brand-building efforts and it’s paying off. Consumers continue to choose the brand without price-cutting despite difficult economic times, underscoring the brand’s presence and relevance. However, while Kellogg’s is certainly a leader, it is second to General Mills in cereal sales, which as a category has seen a decline this year. Demonstrating responsiveness to consumer demand for healthier food, the brand has introduced several products, such as a Special K hot cereal with quinoa. The brand prides itself on its “K-values” of integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity, and results. These tenets guide and shape the culture and business at Kellogg’s. The brand launched its biggest campaign ever during the 2012 London Olympics with its first national TV spot in the US during NBC’s coverage of the Games’ Opening Ceremonies. The culmination of its “From Great Starts Come Great Things” campaign, the ads focused on the journey’s start. In addition to aggressive growth through acquisitions, Kellogg’s strategy for 2013 builds on its fundamental strengths, encouraging product innovation within the categories it dominates and leveraging of relationships to deepen offerings and capabilities in emerging markets. With signs of continued momentum, Kellogg’s continues to be a force in food around the world.