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Nescafé continues to expand, investing in Nescafé Dolce Gusto and the recently launched Nescafé Milano, working to fortify its reputation as the world’s leading coffee brand. Both Dolce Gusto and Milano target the fast-growing single-cup coffee segment. The Nestlé-owned brand has invested heavily in European production facilities in Germany and the UK as it capitalizes on the growing popularity of Dolce Gusto. Achieving profitability in its last fiscal year, coupled with double-digit top-line growth, the strength of the brand has been clearly demonstrated. Despite its success in Europe, Dolce Gusto has struggled to gain traction in the US marketplace. It is too early to make any declaration on the Nescafé Milano brand and its impact on the market, however. Early adoption rates and consumer feedback are positive while Nestlé appears happy with the early results. The brand’s “Really Friends” social campaign in France created a successful narrative around authentic connections over coffee, arming a charming gentleman, Arnaud, with Nescafé coffee, two mugs, and a video. Arnaud introduces the series that captures meetings with some of his 1,200 Facebook friends, “Moi c’est Arnaud. Je suis allé vérifier si mes amis Facebook sont vraiment mes amis dans la vie!” (I’m Arnaud. I’m going to see if my Facebook friends are truly my friends in real life!) The videos garnered up to 500,000 views each, celebrating great moments with friends over coffee.