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Oracle continues to be a leading provider of business hardware and software systems. In February 2013, Oracle’s purchase of Acme Packet for USD $2.1 billion not only enhanced its communications product offering, but also signified its expansion into the networking equipment market. In June 2013, Oracle announced that it had formed a partnership with Dell, and later that same month, a partnership with Microsoft was announced that would enable Java developers to use Oracle tools. Days later, Oracle formed alliances with both Salesforce.com and NetSuite, two of the fastest growing companies in cloud computing. More recently, Oracle empowered Java and aspiring developers worldwide, introducing a series of programs to “Make the Future Java.” The programs allow developers to share their enthusiasm for Java, expand their technical skills, feel a sense of community, and be active participants in developing the next generation of Java innovation. Going forward, Oracle will need to focus on improving its image. A recent New York Times article noted, “Oracle is battling an image not of growing up, but of growing old.” As brands with loyal users, such as Google, continue to play a leading role in the technology sector, Oracle must ramp up its brand messaging efforts and initiatives, establishing stronger emotional connections with consumers. Doing so will ensure Oracle remains relevant and will firmly position the company as an innovative leader in a constantly evolving industry.