Roel de Vries

Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Communication and Brand Strategy, Nissan

“We have a quest to get to zero emissions in the world and zero fatalities because that would be ultimate achievement—if cars would have no negative impact on the environment and no negative on peoples' health and peoples' lives. We are responsible for our brand, and we have to set that direction.”

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  • About Roel de Vries

    Mr. de Vries started his career 19 years ago at Nissan’s European head office in Amsterdam where he held various positions in Marketing and Sales. During this period he also worked in Nissan’s German market and in 1998, he moved to South Africa where he was responsible for Marketing and Sales activities. He has been based at Nissan Global Headquarters in Japan since 2008 where he is now responsible for all marketing, branding, and communication activities globally. Before this position, he was Program Director for the company’s Infiniti car range.

    Mr. de Vries holds a BSc in Industrial engineering from the Eindhoven Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from Groningen University, both in the Netherlands.