Best Global Green Brands 2011


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Top Ten Green Brands & Scores

1 Toyota 64.19
2 3M 63.33
3 Siemens 63.08
4 Johnson & Johnson 59.41
5 HP 59.41
6 VW 58.90
7 Honda 58.90
8 Dell 58.81
9 Cisco 57.66
10 Panasonic 57.32

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Best Global Brands

Best Global Brands is our annual study of the world’s most valuable brands.

Best Global Brands

Takumi Kajisha of PanasonicTakumi Kajisha

Managing Executive Officer, Corporate Brand Strategy, Corporate Communication, Advertising, Corporate Citizenship and CSR

Tell us a little about your Green Plan 2018 and Home Energy Management System.

We are proud to have been providing our customers around the world with Panasonic products that are close to our daily life, including flat panel TVs and other home appliances. Our vision is to become the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018, Panasonic's 100th anniversary.

This vision is based on idea of contributing to society through business activities – a part of our management philosophy that has remained unchanged since the company was created. Given the social issues that we face today, our mission is to help customers around the world live greener lifestyles, for the sustainability of next generations.

We established our Green Plan 2018 as an action plan for all employees to help address global environmental issues. It is a declaration of our undertaking of advanced initiatives to lead the industry in CO2 emissions reduction and resource recycling.

Our Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) feature technology for optimal energy consumption in homes, by incorporating devices for energy creation, energy storage, and energy saving. Through the provision of HEMS and other “comprehensive energy solutions for the entire home,” Panasonic is offering new lifestyles that are not only ecological, but also comfortable – tailored to meet diverse needs in various countries and regions.

This year you focused on integrating Sanyo and Panasonic Electric Works into one Panasonic. Can you talk a little about the transition and what we are likely to see come out of the integration?

By making both SANYO and Panasonic Electric Works wholly owned subsidiaries, Panasonic’s business areas now include healthcare and beauty devices, energy management systems, LED lighting, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with a top share globally, and solar cells providing the world’s highest-level conversion efficiency. The Panasonic brand is now able to offer “comprehensive solutions for the entire home, the entire building, and the entire town,” worldwide.

Existing as part of customers’ everyday lives, we will continue to provide people all over the world with enjoyable green lifestyles that offer even more comfort and peace of mind for the creation of a sustainable society. Panasonic is aiming to become a brand that leads the green revolution starting with consumers’ lifestyles, by having all employees of the new Panasonic come together and work toward this initiative with pride.


Takumi Kajisha is a Managing Executive Officer at Panasonic. He is responsible for managing all the functions relating to the global corporate brand, including PR, advertising, websites, exhibits, showrooms, and sponsorships. As Chairman of the Panasonic Brand Committee, he makes decisions on brand management for the entire Panasonic Group. Mr. Kajisha is also in charge of CSR and social contribution activities, while directing the group-wide brand strategy to make Panasonic the number one green brand in the electronics industry by 2018, the company’s 100th anniversary.