Best Global Green Brands 2012


Top Brands in 2012

1 Toyota-02.56
2 Johnson & Johnson03.89
3 Honda-00.38
4 Volkswagen04.20
5 HP11.72
6 Panasonic16.66
7 Dell08.12
8 Siemens16.95
9 Danone-02.58
10 BMW04.67
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Chief Marketing Officer
Group Marketing Communications
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Lindsay Beltzer
Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Communications
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Watch as Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global CEO, and David Pearson, Global Sustainability Leader of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, discuss how sustainability is impacting both businesses and brands.

For additional coverage of Jez & David’s conversation, click here for access to the podcast.

Welcome to Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands

Though “green” was once the province of empty promises, the world’s most valuable green brands have earned their place in our report, which examines how leading brands perform in the arena of sustainability and how their environmentally conscious efforts are perceived by the public. These two critical halves—performance and perception—make up the whole of a green company: one that operates sustainably and has built a positive image that can be leveraged to strengthen brand value.

The best green brands are vital, relevant, powerful and pioneering. They are profitable, ethical, and ecologically responsible. They have a proven record of performance, strive to operate with transparency and they practice what they preach when it comes to sustainability. The best green brands show us what is possible.

After evaluating the world’s top brands on the basis of their performance as well as the public’s perception of their green credentials, Interbrand and Deloitte have carefully ranked—and wholeheartedly applaud—the 50 Best Global Green Brands that are featured in this report. These strong, highly innovative brands are paving the way to a new era of stability, prosperity and confidence—and they embody our greatest hopes for the future.

Jez Frampton
Global Chief Executive

London 2012 Summer Olympics: Going the Distance for Gold – or Green?


This summer, the eyes of the world will be on London—the city that has pledged to host the greenest Olympic event ever staged. For this year’s official sponsors, the London Olympics offers a golden opportunity to strengthen green credentials and leave a lasting, positive impression on billions of people. Which brands will harness the real potential of this historic moment?

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The Evolving Supply Chain: Lean and Green

Supply Chain

While many businesses are passionate about cutting costs and boosting supply chain efficiency, some of their most important stakeholders—including customers, employees, and investors—feel just as strongly about sustainability and social responsibility. The good news is these seemingly conflicting priorities are starting to converge. Find out why a leaner, greener supply chain is good for society, good for the planet, and good for your bottom line and brand.

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Northwestern University on Millennials and Sustainability

Rob Whittier

These days, large organizations, including universities, are taking sustainability more seriously than ever. Rob Whittier, the first Director of Sustainability at Northwestern University, explains how global leaders in education are addressing their environmental impact, increasing their competiveness by building a curriculum around sustainability, and preparing the next generation to face and solve the challenges of the 21st Century.

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