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As stated by AXA Global CEO Henri De Castries, “Sustainable development defines the ability of generations to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.” The leading insurance brand maintains a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, and it’s working hard to earn the ongoing trust of partners and customers. The brand’s sustainability performance improved this year—specifically in operations, due to increased disclosure around waste to landfill; and a larger decrease in energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and water use intensities—but it lost ground to peers and could do a more effective job communicating its initiatives. AXA actively promotes environmental awareness amongst its employees and external stakeholders: the group is engaged in a global environmental footprint reduction process, with quantified objectives for consumption of energy as well as resources, waste management, and green computing. This commitment is supported by an Environmental Annual Report that engages all the branch offices to the headquarters to embrace the commitments made by the company as a whole. As an expert in anticipating risks, with the AXA Research Fund it also contributes to programs on environmental risk prevention, with a specific focus on climate change. Several of these programs and initiatives are widely promoted through the AXA People Protectors Facebook page. AXA received the “CAPITAL Entrepreneur Green Enterprise Award 2012” for its contribution in environmental protection in China. AXA is currently working on defining new multi-year environmental targets that will be announced this year.