Gap Score
Cisco is “deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and utilizing the power of people and technology networks to multiply our impact on society, the environment, and our business.” The company’s 66,000 global employees are encouraged to build environmental sustainability into each business function and process. This is evident throughout its efforts in reducing energy consumption, product design and development, and green packaging. The brand has completed major internal emission reduction goals, and, being well aware that approximately 90 percent of Cisco product life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are from the product-use phase, there’s a big push to design products to be energy-efficient. Externally, Cisco also offers solutions to help customers reduce their power consumption and GHG emissions. Cisco EnergyWise allows organizations to monitor and control IT equipment energy use through the network, reducing energy consumption, GHG emissions, and costs. For the average customer, Cisco estimates EnergyWise can cut energy use by 20 percent. Its trade-in and take-back recycling programs give customers a no-cost way to safely manage electronic waste. The company also repairs, reuses, or recycles virtually 100 percent of the electronics received from customers. Now it just needs to do a better job spreading the word, as Cisco had one of the lowest perception scores among the Best Global Green Brands this year, particularly in the US and in China.