Gap Score: +5.7
  • In 2012, Avon exceeded its target and reduced its GHG emissions from total operations by 25% against the 2005 baseline, which represents a leadership position in the industry.

  • In 2012, Avon’s overall combined recycling rate for manufacturing and distribution centers was 83%. Several of its facilities have recycling rates near 95%, and all sites are focused on achieving zero waste to landfill.

  • From 2005 through 2012, Avon made significant water reductions throughout the company’s operations, reducing water use by a total of 180 million gallons in manufacturing facilities and 20 million gallons in distribution centers.

  • An award-winning Avon manufacturing facility in China has been designated a China National Environmental Protection Operative Technology Demonstration Project by the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association. Also, the brand’s new R&D Center in Shanghai achieved LEED Platinum certification.

Working Together

To expand the impact of its environmental commitment, Avon leverages a unique asset—the ability to educate, engage, and mobilize its more than 6 million Sales Representatives and over 40,000 Associates. The mobilization initiative, Hello Green Tomorrow, empowers a global women’s environmental movement to help end deforestation through fund-raising and increasing awareness for reforestation efforts in critically endangered tropical forests. Avon is also working in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy to help restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and the tropical forests of Indonesia. With the help of its Sales Representatives and customers, Avon has donated millions to protect these two critical “hotspots” for deforestation.

The Green Advantage

Avon has stayed true to its brand through philanthropic efforts focused on women and the environment. It continues hosting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with great success, and has donated millions of dollars through its Avon Foundation for Women. Avon has set lofty environmental goals to meet by 2020, and is on track to reach those. Avon received much acclaim in 2012 when it launched a dedicated website to discuss its corporate responsibility efforts. To further close its positive gap on the Best Global Green Brands ranking, Avon needs to use this platform more often and more effectively to tout its efforts and celebrate success. Avon is doing great things as “the company for women” and a champion for rainforests—the public just needs to be made aware.


In 2013, Avon met or exceeded nearly all 2012 environmental goals
Avon Hello Green Tomorrow fund-raising tops $2 million in 2012
Avon funds WWF projects that provide well-paying jobs for women
The Avon Foundation for Women awards more than $10 million in new grants to support breast cancer organizations