The Power of Participation

Once again, Interbrand executives have joined forces with peers at Deloitte to analyze data, uncover insights, interview industry leaders and, above all else, determine the 50 Best Global Green Brands for 2014.

If our dive into the data has shown us anything, it’s that the search for new, more sustainable models, solutions, methods and materials is accelerating. And it’s no wonder. From disappearing rainforests to melting ice sheets, from people living without electricity to food and water scarcity, it is becoming increasingly clear that “business as usual” is not the path forward.

The path forward demands a radical shift in our priorities, in our ways of producing and consuming, as well as the values that have structured our societies. It requires innovation. It requires leadership. It requires courage. And it is an incredible opportunity—to think more creatively about how to sustain the world we love.

But more than anything, it requires cooperation. The kinds of efforts global companies are undertaking—from building cleaner cars and smarter cities, to revolutionizing everything from agriculture to packaging—cannot succeed without the help of everyone.

The challenges facing the world today require collaboration and partnership among people and organizations with a shared vision of what could be. And so the focus of this year’s report centers around the power of participation and collective action. This year’s articles and interviews—and every sustainability snapshot of our top 50 brands—touch upon the benefits of working together: how every constituent in today’s global marketplace—businesses, consumers, employees, suppliers, governments and investors—will need to be engaged and willing to collaborate in order to take Corporate Citizenship to the next level.

Exemplifying brands that leverage the power of sustainability—and partnership—in order to succeed, is our new number one brand: Ford. A sustainability leader, and the first new number one brand in our report’s four-year history, Ford embodies everything the business of the future must be: efficient, visionary, flexible, adept at problem-solving, cooperative, and focused on creating shared value. From unveiling a first-of-its-kind solar-powered vehicle, the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, to partnering with peers across sectors to do the seemingly impossible—like creating bio-plastic out of tomato fiber with Heinz—Ford is showing us what’s possible.

It is our hope that these 50 brands—and the insights shared by leaders at Interbrand, Deloitte, other corporations and nonprofits alike—inspire you and your colleagues to work toward building a more sustainable business, fruitful partnerships, and a better world.

Remember, the future is ours to invent.