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  • Apple powers all its data centers, including a new facility in Reno, Nevada, with 100% renewable energy, and reaches 94% renewable energy usage across its corporate campuses and data centers. It has also reduced the average total power consumed by Apple products by 57% since 2008.

  • Apple recycled more than 421 million pounds of electronic waste. In fact, every Apple Retail Store will now take back Apple products for free and recycle them responsibly.

  • Apple has launched the Clean Water Program pilot to increase water reuse and recycling at 13 water-intensive supplier sites.

  • Apple introduced the new Mac Pro, which uses 74% less aluminum and steel than its predecessor

Working Together

Apple tends to work independently on its environmental efforts, but does work closely with supply chain partners to make improvements. The brand launched a pilot of its Clean Water Program with 13 supplier sites—that collectively use more than 41 million cubic meters of water per year—with a goal to reuse a significant amount of treated process wastewater and to recycle water within the production process. The brand also completed more than 520 site profile surveys to help determine environmental risks, and conducted 62 focused environmental assessments.

The Green Advantage

A single word now summarizes Apple’s commitment to innovation and the environment: “better.” Prior to Earth Day 2014, the company relaunched its Environmental Responsibility website with a video narrated by CEO Tim Cook. In the video, Cook talks about Apple’s new sun- and wind-powered data centers, a manufacturing facility running on 100% clean energy, and finally, new product lines made with recyclable materials. He acknowledges that Apple has a long way to go to reduce the company’s impact on the environment, and has a lot to learn. The video perfectly embodies the Apple brand and leaves little question regarding its commitment to the environment. Like its drive to create products “that are the best they can be in every way,” Tim Cook’s words echo Apple’s goal of leaving the world, “better than we found it.” While environmentalists keep the pressure on, Apple continues to raise the bar for itself and the industry. Even Greenpeace, a one-time detractor, has acknowledged Apple as a green energy innovator in its “Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet” 2014 report.


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