Gap Score: -1.8
  • In 2012, General Electric improved energy intensity by 32% against its 2004 baseline year.

  • GE is generating less hazardous waste than its 2006 baseline, a reduction of 5,200 metric tons in 2012. Metal recycling has increased by 6,000 tons since its 2009 baseline.

  • As of 2012, GE has achieved a 45% reduction in freshwater use since its 2006 baseline.

  • GE has developed a simple-to-use, fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling supply system for fleet and retail fueling stations called CNG In A Box. A more eco-friendly choice compared to traditional fuels, CNG combustion produces fewer undesirable gases than gasoline (petrol), diesel fuel, and propane. Every vehicle powered by GE’s CNG In A Box system offers a 24% reduction in CO2 emissions

Working Together

GE is partnering with Quirky, a collaborative manufacturing start-up, to cocreate new products with customers. Quirky is a company that makes invention accessible by bringing new product ideas to life through its online collaborative platform. Quirky’s global community works with every aspect of product creation—from ideation, design, naming, and marketing, right on through to sales. Together, GE and Quirky are reaching more members of our global community, and making invention accessible to all. GE has teamed up with the NFL through the Head Health Initiative to develop better technologies for diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries. Guided by top neurosurgeons and other experts, the initiative includes a four-year, $40 million R&D program to develop imaging technologies that can improve diagnosis and help doctors provide more targeted therapies. The NFL, GE, and Under Armour also launched two open innovation challenges that will provide up to $20 million for research and technology to better understand, diagnose, and protect against mild traumatic brain injury.

The Green Advantage

GE is a leader in shifting business thinking and practice, recognizing that environmental, social, and governance issues are core business challenges. GE has made strides in its sustainability goals related to energy efficiency, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, and upholding high ethical standards by leveraging its scale and core competency in innovation. Moreover, by interweaving its service and products with corporate social responsibility efforts such as the ecomagination and healthymagination portfolios, GE demonstrates that it has a keen understanding of how to link corporate social responsibility efforts to brand building in an authentic, credible way.


GE 2012 Sustainable Growth Report
CNG In A Box
GE Ventures—investing in clean energy, fighting cancer, and more
GE and Quirky—making invention accessible to all
In 2013, GE was named in Ethisphere’s list of the world’s most ethical companies
Award: Top 50 Employers for Women—The Times (Opportunity Now), 2012, 2014
$215 million in charitable contributions from GE businesses, GE employees, and the GE Foundation in 2013