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Audi is busy revolutionizing the future of retailing. Audi City combines digital product presentations and personal contact with dealers. Presenting Audi’s model range digitally instead of physically allows the brand to showcase itself in key metropolitan areas where space is limited. Boosting proximity to the customer and transforming the role of the classic auto dealer, the Audi City concept repositions the dealer as a customer relationship manager in a dynamic environment. Audi City will also play a key role in marketing new mobility services and electrically powered Audi models. Emphasizing several themes for the future, Audi is focusing activities around its core brand mantra, “Vorsprung durch Technik” (“advancement through technology”), and gearing up for breakthroughs in lightweight engineering, networked mobility and electric vehicles. With record sales in the US and a 10% increase in India, Audi is proving that design strength, technological innovation, imaginative approaches to retail, and rich brand experiences are a winning approach for sustainable, profitable growth in the automotive industry.