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Providing well-designed furniture at affordable prices, IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer. In the past year, IKEA kept close to customers, furthered green business practices, and remained competitive in spite of rising material costs. IKEA also doubled its Facebook and Twitter followers and created the Shared Space website where customers can post pictures of rooms they’ve redecorated. IKEA is also enhancing customers’ brand experiences by developing a take-back program for used furniture and innovating a new furniture line that seamlessly integrates consumer electronics. The brand is also leveraging the credibility earned from designing furniture for the urban dweller to design and build entire urban neighborhoods, doing its part to solve the affordable housing shortage. Though IKEA was criticized this year for clear-cutting in old-growth forests, it has a strong sustainability record overall. IKEA now has 17 stores powered by solar panels in the US, and a wind turbine project currently underway in Sweden will soon power all IKEA buildings and operations in its native country.